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ETA for SwimFor3K: October 2018

Welcome to my swim challenge site.

My name is Kelly Foxhall-Ridgeway and I have swum for over 30 years (the water is like a second home to me). For many many years I have used this skill to raise money for several charities, raise awareness of campaigns I am involved in, and become a recognised long distance, cold water swimmer.

At the end of 2016, I decided to begin my own events. At present they are purely for personal challenges but there is scope to expand to more formal events with additional participants. To find out more about this please visit the About and Swimfor2k pages.

BLDSA (British Long Distance Swimming Association) Member: 1382

Cover image is from the Aspire 12 hour overnight swim

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So why create my own swim challenge site?

For many years I have taken part in swimming challenges which range from distances of 2k to 10k to as many miles in a set period as possible. While these have all been exciting, and gave me the opportunity to become involved with more charities, this did at times, navigate away from my personal charities. Fundraisers often have preferable charities because they have been involved with them on a more personal level, and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

After the birth of my baby in 2016, I knew that my time would be limited for swimming, and so every session would count, it would also mean that my training would be limited, so I decided to create SwimFor which would build up the distances again, and hopefully by the time my Monster is in playschool, I could be back up to the big distances again – lol.

By doing my own events, it also means that I get to pick the venues as I am not part of a group, which also means I can steer clear of the salt water for a while as it plays havoc with my mouth (I am a mouth chewer). If I am ill, I can reschedule the event rather than forfeit, and as I pick the venue, it means that I can comfortably go without a wetsuit (I hate wetsuits with a passion). However, the events in the interim, will lack the social element you gain with multiple participants and spectators which, if these events expand to involve others on a more formal basis, this will need to be considered.

The aim of SwimFor, is to swim a set distance or distances for one or more charities. For example, the first event was SwimFor1k which I set at a modest 1k for 1 charity.

SwimFor2k will be the next event and it will be 2k per charity. In this instance there will be 2 charities which totals a 4k swim in one go.

The next envisaged event after that will be called SwimFor3k (expected to take place in 2018) which will mean one or mlre charitily will benefit and the swim will consist of  at least 3k.

SwimFor2k is due to take place in early 2017, so I will be opening up invitations if any other swimmers want to join to raise money for their chosen charities. For more information, please visit the SwimFor2k page.

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If you have any queries, comments or would like to be involved, please contact me.